PeeT! Is the pen/pencil/brush/stylus/wooden spoon name 

of Peter Clack.

Born with a desire to create, he expresses the thoughts

that are produced from his mind via whatever medium

seems appropriate, including drawing, painting, writing and

even howling into the abyss.

In the main part, this has found its focus in comics and

cartoon illustration, using both traditional and recently,

digital methods. His own self-published comic by the name

of ’Trouser Madness’ is a profound lesson of absurdist tenacity flying in the face of reality and common-sense.

Drawing inspiration from all parts comprising the unlikely nature of The Universe, he can often be found muttering to

himself or inanimate objects in North Wiltshire, where he 

is tolerated by his bemused family.

Favourite quote: 

‘You silly, twisted boy, you.’ - Grytpype Thynne  

PeeT! is often open to commissioned work, if you ask very

nicely, using the e-mail link below

Mail to
Twitter @Peet_Draws